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October 2018

Month October with Zodiac Sign from a Book of Hours

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Weekday Date Moon in  phase of the moon
Wednesday 17.10.2018 Capricorn waxing (2nd Quater) 
Thursday 18.10.2018 Aquarius waxing (2nd Quater) 
Friday 19.10.2018 Aquarius waxing (2nd Quater) 
Saturday 20.10.2018 Pisces waxing (2nd Quater) 
Sunday 21.10.2018 Pisces waxing (2nd Quater) 
Monday 22.10.2018 Pisces waxing (2nd Quater) 
Tuesday 23.10.2018 Aries waxing (2nd Quater) 
Wednesday 24.10.2018 Aries Full Moon  17:45:18
Thursday 25.10.2018 Taurus waning (3rd Quater) 
Friday 26.10.2018 Taurus waning (3rd Quater) 
Saturday 27.10.2018 Gemini waning (3rd Quater) 
Sunday 28.10.2018 Gemini waning (3rd Quater) 
Monday 29.10.2018 Cancer waning (3rd Quater) 
Tuesday 30.10.2018 Cancer waning (3rd Quater)